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THRRO at Agfest

With the conditions in Tasmania likely to result in challenges for horse owners, and the potential for abandoned and neglected horses, THRRO is holding a stand at Agfest at E20 B in the Equine area.  If you are at Agfest, please come along and find out more about how THRRO can help horses in need - and how you may be able to help too.

Drought and hay shortage

This summer may present some challenges to horse owners due to the cost and availability of suitable hay and forage after low spring rains.

Unfortunately THRRO doesn't have the space or resources to take in no longer wanted horses - but we will do what we can to help owners who find themselves in difficulty.

There is hay about - ask every horse contact you have and you may uncover hay for sale. If it is some distance away, connect with other local horse owners to see if you can organise bulk delivery.

The Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News Blog contains some useful information about managing horses during drought in Australia.

Do you want to help?

Take a look at ways you can help THRRO, and at our wish list to see if there if any contribution you can make.


THRRO is a totally non profit Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation which  is run by a small committee of hard working, horse loving volunteers. 

All donations over $2 are  able to be claimed on your tax return, even more reasons to make a donation 

Our goal is to improve the welfare of horses in Tasmania by:

- rescuing and rehabilitating horses that are abandoned, neglected or mistreated

- re-homing rehabilitated horses surrendered to THRRO for the horses' ongoing well-being

- assisting ownvers via education, support and advice 

- educating the community on the plight of neglected horses

Our aim is for horse owners to take responsibility for their own horses and look after them correctly. We provide information and support to assist owners as far as we can. In cases of real owner hardship we will offer hands on assistance as required, with the option to surrender the horse to THRRO for care or rehabilitation. Please note that THRRO does not have the resources or facilities to take in horses that are simply no longer wanted. We can help with advertising or information about trainers, but we have clear criteria for the surrender of horses into our care.